Reflection on the “3 Idiots” (教育B3)

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  1. 110117041 教經一甲 蔡孟庭

    I have seen this movie four times but I had different opinions each time. When I saw it first time, I just thought it a funny movie. But I saw it second time, I learned a lot from the content. No matter what plights we faced, telling oneself everything will be all right. We should listen the voice in our heart and do what we want to do. Do not let your family and teachers decide your life. The knowledge we had learned should be used flexible. We all grew up in the environment which the educational background could decide everything but we should pursue our dream. Although the movie is funny, its content still has some moved plots. Some dialogues are classical that make audiences laugh or cry. I think “3 idiots” is not only a funny movie but also a miniature in our real life.

  2. 3 Idiots is a very interesting movie. The movie brings more laugh to us.
    So, we can enjoy in this movie. I think the 3 Idiots’s friendship is very precious. They regard their friendship as a part of life.
    They also cherish everyday that they can get along. I am much moved by their story. Except the friendship, the movie tell us a very important topic: everyone can have their dream’s choice.
    Parents can’t compel their children to persue their future ambitions. We should respect their thinking and the selection of themselves. Last but not the least, we must have the courage and then do more and more efforts to make our dream come ture.

  3. After watching the “3 Idiots”, I have some feeling in this movie. The main role’s thinking was awesome. And I think something is really important.

    If we don’t have enthusiasm on the area we learned, we will learn in the pain. And if we have lots of fears in our life, we can’t concentrate on what we learned. Also we can’t just memorize the definition on what we learned, we should mix the knowledge in our life. All of these ideas make me think about myself. When I was in junior, I remember I was not happy in learning. Until senior, I tried to use the thing I learn into my life and I succeed. So now I know the way to learn and I think I will keep going.

    So in the education, I think maybe we should let the parents know the talent what their children have. And help their children to learn in their interest. Also the most important is enjoying in learning.

  4. 社發一甲 110103018 林哲因
    《3 idiots》 is a good movie which gives me some new ideas of education system. In this movie, we can find that grade doesn’t mean everying. On the contrary, understanding the content of knowledge actually is more important. Education purpose should emphasize how can we solve the daily problems, but pursue unuseful scores. Besides, in this movie, we can know how is a real friendship by realizing their mutual understanding and loyal heart to each other. I admire the leading role—Rancho for his courage and quick-witted brain when facing the challenge and his humanity and kindness on treating his friend.

  5. Education is the most important thing in our whole life.
    Education can influenceour system of values and career.
    I am delighted that I can study in college.
    Because I havefound my interest and I study it now!
    I think that everyone should find what they interest in
    and what they want to do in the future.

  6. 3 idiots 心得
    We saw the movie “3 idiots” last two weeks. It’s about three engineering students who share a room in the residence of Imperial College of Engineering (ICE).In this movie you can see the common method of India movie, lots of dance and songs. Except dance and songs, it also contain one serious problem of India- students lesson pressure. They have no choice to decide their own life. The only thing they can do is become engineer so that earn more money. “Boy is engineer, girl is doctor” sounds like ridiculous but this is the reality in India.
    For Taiwan, now we have some problem in our education system, too. We study hard from our childhood, but we can’t find our real interest. We do our level best to study just for CEE, not ourselves. How to train different talent is a very important problem for Taiwan. 特一甲 許晉碩

  7. After I saw this movie, I found so many new ways to think about the thing that happened in my usual life. Actually, I feel so brand new that someone could try to look the world in different way. Let him to chase the best rather than the incredible goal that may making lots of money or achievement in one’s life. I thought the faith he had was the difference that could made him become so outstanding. I learn the right attitude that we should have when we met the problems. We should face it directly and try to solve it in your own method. To do this can improve the way you thought. I trust that if we want to be a unique people, the first thing we have to do is to think we’re unique!

  8. We were young,we had our own dreams.
    But when we grow up, these dreams will be change because of the environment or the reality.
    “3 Idiots” tells us that people should follow their own heart.
    Do they have a passionate and ambitious things not because others or other reasons and the change to their original dreams.
    In many times, we will look at things too serious and bundled fear.
    But in fact,a lot of things is not what we imagine it so difficult.
    Just calm down and tell myself “all is well”,a lot of things will be solved.
    The combination of these two concepts, the film tells us, the dream we must chase.Do not be impacted by fear.And all is well.

  9. Choose your favorite and do it.
    This sentence makes many people successfully get a word, however many people also avoid to facing their mind.
    Learn is not to step other people on the foot, is in order to help more people experience the wonderful learning. If you put utilitarian first, restrain the results of others ,to accomplish yourself, than the goodness of the learning process will be no longer meaningful and learning will become a tool of murder.

  10. I saw the movie before . And I like it so much . These leading roles are not silly . In fact , they are smart . Everyone of them found what they like and want to do . Finally , they proved to the other people that they were right . I have learned a lesson from the movie that we should find out what are we really love to do rather than the others tell us what we should do in the future .
    教育一甲 110101038 鄭書晴

  11. 3 Idiots 音二甲 陳翰威110005040

    This is a funny and moving movie,but the most important this movie means,
    the education was put pressure on there life idea and talent.T
    The movie expression poverty life of India,So Rancho was hard to pursue his dream.
    This world was a lot of pressure about, family,school,education system.
    but I think no matter we will pursue our life, Because It is our life,and should be our own choice!

  12. Last week,we saw a funny but meaningful movie,3 Idiots. It’s a educational movie. Main conte describes that education in India is mainly force-feeding students with ready-made teaching materials, all questions having only one correct answer. In contrast, in the Western world is more inspiring and varied. Education in Taiwan is belong to force-feeding, As the saying goes “it is only studying better than doing everything.” I think this kind education is to hinder the students’ developing and effect students to gain knowledge from the books except textbook.
    Additionally,this movie also have instructive. Phunsukh Wangdu in the movie always say,”All is well”,although it constituted by simple vocabulary,it have encourage and reassure double functions.

  13. 社一甲楊紫君
    After reading the “3 Idiots” one of India’s pieces, let my heart led to all sorts of thoughts and feelings. For me each paragraph is a thought-provoking story. “The purpose of reading? Students now go to school is nothing more than just to diploma, and then find a good job after graduation to make a lot of money, the Advanced life victory group. The parents often see these values over their children and take schoolwork to take the scores to measure everything. I think that is a negative influence. Actor have a lot of cause for reflection Quotes, for example ,Chase Excellence Success will follow … (to concentrate on the pursuit of excellence, success will naturally follow you!); Heart is very vulnerable to remember always to appease it!; “So afraid of tomorrow , how can you do today? “This film is so widely recommended that now I understand. I will want to recommend to those students who take things too hard in the future and hoping they will get some inspiration by this. Be a brave person. .

  14. 110103035社一甲 黃慕平
    It’s my first time watched 3 Idiots which was inspire and touching me.
    The most touching thing is their friendship that make me more understand the means of friends and cherish the people around me.
    And I learn that do the things you are like and just do it.
    Don’t leave any regret.
    Enjoying my life.

  15. India is a country that they features to generate computer engineers. As some of Taiwan’s parents, India’s families also except their children could be admitted to the best college. However, it’s usually give student pressure. Student, being told that only hard studying and getting good grate could lead them into the great university, have been a study machine recently. I think 3 Idiot inspire me a lot of impression, one is to do what you like to do. The main character has said “Chase excellence, Success will follow.” When we consider our work as a game we can enjoy in it, we will do our best to do. The most important thing is not how much we earned or how rich we are, is we can assure whatever we do.

  16. 教經一甲 陳薏如
    After watching this movie , I got a lot of truth .
    Aal Izz Well:It means everthing is well . When facing any situation , wether you accept it or not , you must tell to yourself 〝 Everthing is well . 〞This is a self-suggestion, when our heart do not have the mentality of excluding the external environment, and they will be able to accept the current condition .
    Listening to your inner voice:Usually, our achievements and sense of accomplishment are from doing what we like to do.
    Apply what you learn to your life :A memorization of knowledge only can exchange for good grades , but gotting knowledge can make you really successful , though you don’t have diploma .
    Moreover ,〝 With such fear of tomorrow, how will you live today . 〞 is my favorite sentence in this movie . This is a reminder that we have to seize the moment . It also became my motto .

  17. After watching the film,the most impressive saying is “All is well, with just a little courage,you could turn your life around. ”Perhaps reality is not as easy as the film, at least, this film arouse our courage to become dreamers and pursue our dreams bravely in addition to moving and happy.
    Besides, there is a short plot mentions “There are many exam in life but father is just only one. ” I think that is extremely inspiring,because many things can’t back to the beginning after you missed it.Therefore,we should cherish everything we own.Don’t make the decision to regret in your future.

  18. 社一甲陳姿秀
    I watched this movie in my high school. I liked the music in the movie.ALL IZZ WELL the feeling it gives me. That time in preparation for the university entrance exam, a lot of pressure, and this film gave me the strength to face exam.Although we are not as smart as the protagonist. But we will get courage from the protagonist. Just like his friends. Eventually, I think the interest and talent we have are our unique treasures. Make the best use of it. And create a better future.

  19. The “3 Idiots” enabled us to understand the real meaning of education.It made us laughing with tears,and it forced us to reflect.This was the second time I watched the movie completely.I still felt touched and inspired.Besides,the touching songs and the magnificent scenery also attracted me.The most important of all,I learned that the purpose of education is not entering a higher school or money but learning.

    This movie is described about the friendship between three young boys as they realize their dreams. It’s demonstrated by comedy and it’s talked about how to being yourself, present true you are, brave to seek their dreams, don’t give up any opportunity to realize dreams, no matter what happen can’t change their friendship , and use funny style to describe the story, let audiences can be very free and easy to watch it.
    I think we sometimes can represent what you are, don’t put on the mask. I think we need to seek what you want with a great courage. Thus, I think the movie give me a lot of encourage.

  21. 心一甲 110111032 張芯瑜

    This time,we saw a Indian comedy-drama film directed by Rajkumar Hirani .Two friends are searching for their long lost companion. They revisit their college days and recall the memories of their friend who inspired them to think differently, even as the rest of the world called them “idiots”.I think 3 idiots is a masterpiece and easily one of the greatest Bollywood movies of all time.3 idiots not only entertains, it also enlightens.3 idiots is forward-thinking, but also makes you recall your roots. It promises lots of laughs and also a heartwarming message.There are movies aplenty, but very few remain etched in your memory and possess recall value.To sum up,I like the movie and like the way of teaching that shared view with each other.

  22. It is an interesting movie that makes people think about why they would like to study. In a special way to talk about the real meaning of studying, not only do they just memorize the things which are written in the books, but also they had to realize why they would study these things and used them wisely. In this movie, they tried to make us realize the position where we were, and make us understand why we learn and how we use them. They tried to break the frame of percept of learning. In the highly competitive pressure, people will always think of grades as everything. They tried to change thoughts of most people by this movie.

    110103012 梅瑋豐

  23. This movie reflect some problem about the system of education.
    The principal Ranchho doesn’t accept to “learning by memorize”.
    He believe “if you work hard and chase perfect , you’ll success.”

    In their school , Ranchho is a special individual.
    He doesn’t obey their elders in school , suspects the dean of college “Virus” ,
    suggests a woman to left her fiance ,
    even encourages his friends to seek their dream and don’t be afraid of future.
    His wisdom and slick act eventually change everyone’s thought.

    I will try my best to become this kind of person .

    110103043 陸啟豪

  24. We’re going to select their favorite things, may encounter a lot of obstacles, also found that many people do not support us.
    But the most important thing is that we are very happy to do the things they want.
    Only by upholding the things they want, will be a dream come true.

    I admire that they support each other to do the things they like to do, courage and commitment to each other to complete their dreams.
    Regardless of the surrounding people against people around with their enthusiasm, their sincerity, to change the perception.

    Even if the completion of the dream is very hard, but the results we want.

  25. I learn from the movie that you can get all the knowledge from books, but real wisdom is gain in life. For example, a carpenter may not be as smart as you, so what? He can make things that is more beautiful than you. I especially love Raju, it’s not easy to come out of coma, but he did. We speak of bravery like it’s nothing at all, but Raju is able to pluck up his courage and stop relying on the gods to do everything. Most important of all, things around you might seem like trash to someone, but a careful eyes may just turn it into something that can save life. 特一甲 8號 王力緯

  26. The leading role break throuth the rule,creating the different sytle in the school.

    We should something from him. Do not persist in something you don’t like.

    Chasing the things you like is the important thing.

    In the end of story,they chose the occupation they favorite.

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